About us

We are a black owned family business in London UK who specialises in bespoke handmade Pre-tied Headwraps and other protective hair accessories. We established in 2018 and have been thriving with most of our customers coming from US, France and Australia. 

We are heavily influenced by our culture and believe representation is one of the most important things we need for our young children. Too often than not do we go in to stores and see beautiful products with faces that don’t look like us. This can create a complex in our children that they aren’t as beautiful as we know they are! So for us at Raising Rayn we make sure that all our products have some type of representation. The goal for us is for customers to be happy with the quality of our products of course but more so happy that the products are culturally satisfying. There is no better feeling that getting customer feedback like “ my daughter loved it and said the girls looked like her”